2013 Pro E.T. "Tournament Of Champions" Qualifiers
Bike # Rider Race Date Win Track
6192 Glenn Glass 11-3-12 ROCK
2081 Dale Hamilton 11-4-12 ROCK
361 Terry Singleton 4-20-13 ROCK
6841 Michael Herman Sr 4-21-13 ROCK
118 Jimmy Shifflett 4-27-13 MIR
118 Jimmy Shifflett 4-28-13 MIR
118 Jimmy Shifflett 6-1-13 MIR
626 Michael Herman Jr 6-2-13 MIR
2001 Jerry Turner 6-29-13 ROCK
39 Ben Knight 6-30-13 ROCK
1052 Jay Windsor 7-20-13 MIR
6136 Clay Davies 7-21-13 MIR
714 Brian Canoles 8-10-13 ROCK
3008 Stanley Russell 8-11-13 ROCK
535X Michael Rankin 9-7-13 ATCO
535X Michael Rankin 9-8-13 ATCO
81 Kevin Hamilton 10-5-13 MIR
6316 Clay Davies 10-6-13 MIR
Pro E.T. is not a points earning class. MIROCK will have a "Pro E.T. Tournament of Champions" race on Saturday of the World Finals at Rockingham Dragway to determine the MIROCK Pro E.T. Championship. In order to qualify for the "Pro E.T. Tournament of Champions" race you must win either a Saturday or Sunday Pro E.T. race during the season. All Saturday and Sunday Pro E.T. winners during the season will automatically be entered into the "Pro E.T. Tournament of Champions" race. The winner of the "Pro E.T. Tournament of Champions" race will be crowned as the MIROCK Pro E.T. Champion. Each winner can only win one spot on the "Pro E.T. Tournament of Champions" ladder, even if they have won multiple races.